About Us

All year round, your HVAC system is running around the clock to keep you and your family comfortable. However, in order for it to do its job properly, your system will need a bit of help from you.

At Comfort Control Heating and Cooling, we believe that annual maintenance is critical to the lifespan of your home's HVAC system. Yearly servicing goes far beyond simply changing an air filter. A neglected or poorly maintained system will result in expensive repairs later on, shorter life span of the unit and not to mention the inconvenience to your life. Our annual service agreements are designed to keep you in comfort all year long, with little to no stress. Each plan includes a complete system cleaning, along with an inspection and fine tuning to ensure your HVAC system operates at its highest efficiency. During our visit, our technicians go over everything with a fine tooth comb in order to spot any potential issues before the start of the season. However, unexpected circumstances can still arise, which is why our plans include service and repair discounts! So when those random moments happen, we can help you shoulder the burden. Call us today for pricing and to sign up!